Short Course in Amateur Astronomy and Space Science | ECOAI-SHC220

Certificate Course in Fossils of Sri Lanka and Gem Resources

Eco Astronomy Lecture Series- 7

ASTRO WEEK WITH Eco Astronomy Inc

Eco Astronomy – Astro Week 2023

Online Certificate Course – Industrial Astronomy and Entrepreneurship

ECO ASTRONOMY INC – Lecture Series 06 | 2023

ECO ASTRONOMY INC – Lecture Series 06 | 2023

ECO ASTRONOMY INC – Lecture Series 06 | 2023

Certificate Course in Astrobiology & Paleontology | ජීව තාරකා විද්‍යාව හා පාෂාණභූත විද්‍යාව – ECOAI225

Space Advocacy and Exploration with Mars Society

Short Course in Amateur Astronomy and Space Science | ECOAI-SHC120

ASTRO WEEK | Eco Astronomy Inc | Eco Astronomy Sri Lanka

Astrobiology & Space System Design

The Path to Multidisciplinary Astronomy and Space Science – Research Dialogues

An Introduction to Fossils, Paleontology and Simulation Event

Paleo Journey with Prof Abdelouahed Lagnaoui

Practice based strategies to support Scientific Visualization through 3D Animation and Beyond

Space system and Robotics

Human Analogue Space Mission

Cosmic Anthropology and Human Explorations of Planets

Space Advocacy and Human Mission to Mars

Human Exploration of Mars

Importance of Basic Principles in Physics for Astronomy

Fundamentals of Space Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development

Night Sky and Astrophotography with Mr. Akash Anandh

Archeoastronomy and Anthropology with Bernie Taylor

Advance Certificate Course in Multidisciplinary Astronomy and Space Science

Advance Simulation for Planetary Geology and Reconstructions Event

Vertebrate and Invertebrate Ichnology

One Day Certificate Workshop in Astrobiology and Paleontology

Fundamentals of Interdisciplinary Approach of Astro-tourism

Fundamental Modeling Applications of Rocketry and Water Rockets

Fundamentals of Technology in Ground Station of Nanosatellite

Fundamentals of Astrophotography by Mr. Akash Anandh

Robotics and Exploring Mars

Sun as a Star and Photometry Analysis

Fundamental Applications in Rocket Science and way to KintiSpace

Fundamentals of Space Art

Eco Astronomy Lecture Series 03 | 2021


Toy photography, Hologram applications and augmented reality for Paleontology

Vertebrate and invertebrate trace fossils – The unique window into behavior of extinct animals

An Introduction to Virtual Reality and 3D Printing of Fossils

Fossils as a Jewelries

Quaternary Fossils of Planet Earth | Extreme Condition

Paleo Art and Typo Sculpture

Certificate Course in Paleontology and Fossil of Planet Earth

Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies

Our Future on Mars

Astronomy in Sri Lanka

Neuroscience and the Human Brain

Fundamentals of Astro Ecology and Human as a Multi-planetary Species

Fundamentals of Astrobiology Planetary Geology

Astrobiology and Life

Awareness of Astronomy and Contribution of Women

Developing Nano-Satellite Launcher with Equatorial Space System

Advance in Archaeoastronomy

Archaeology and Archaeoastronomy in Egypt

An Introduction to Archaeoastronomy and History of Astronomy

Fundamentals of Geology and Mineralogy