Astrobiology & Space System Design

Astrobiology & Space System Design-Research dialogue were organized by Eco Astronomy Inc and Eco Astronomy Sri Lanka. These dialogues are an initiative that aims to enhance the professional approach of developing a multidisciplinary type of broad view for both Astrobiology and Space Space System Design . For this valuable lecture, our special key speaker is Dr.Siddharth Pandey (Phd).

Dr. Siddharth Pandey is a postdoctoral researcher at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA (2022). His research aims to develop the technology in purpose to use the advanced technology for sample collection on Mars and Venus, as well as for the Icy moon planned mission. Also, he working on Space Biology experiments flown to the International Space Station and the upcoming ISRO PS-4 Orbital Platform. As a head of the Centre of Excellence in Astrobiology, Amity University Mumbai, he achieved outstanding work in providing Astrobiology expertise in the south Asian region (Since 2019). Dr. Siddharth established India’s first dedicated Centre for Astrobiology studies with a focus on Mars analogue field research and microgravity space biology experiment development. He is a freelance research scientist at Blue Marble Space Institute of Science, Seattle, Washington (Since 2015). Dr. Siddharth is a director at Mars Society Australia & working forward to developing Mars-relevant technologies and outreach projects (since 2014).

Date: 17th of September 2022 | Time: 8.30p.m to 10.00p.m (IST)