“The universe is a living entity and listening to you. You can check it via your energy, frequency, and vibration – Thanks to Tesla”

Dr.Aravinda Ravibhanu

Dr.Aravinda Ravibhanu is CEO of Eco Astronomy Inc global network and senior research scientist at  high-altitude- extreme conditions – water conservation project of ICE STUPA. Currently he is involved in analyzing NASA’s EDR images of Meridiani Planum on Mars.  He is an expert in simulating and analogues of Planetary Geology (specially as an extra-terrestrial trace analyzer). Also, he works for reconstructing fossils via VR/AR. One of his company- Research Hub of Eco Astronomy is a co-supporter of Project Space Hero, an upcoming reality television contest that plans to send a winner to the International Space Station in 2023. He has authored more than 40 International research papers including 10 Books.

As an Astrobiologist Dr Aravinda is researching _ fundamentals of extraterrestrial life and how planetary samples correspond with factors of paleontology and petrology. He has been setting out a harbor life explained by a union of the general theory of Eco Astronomy mechanics & concepts.  Dr. Aravinda Ravibhanu is a Life fellow of the United Nation Organization (SL). He is an International Ambassador at Beijing Forestry University International College – China. Also,  an Ambassador at the world’s largest Space Advocacy institute called The Mars Society. Dr.Aravinda Ravibhanu innovated Artificial Mars Regolith by using the petrological data of NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover.

Dr.Aravinda Ravibhanu is an author, writer, researcher, and speaker who has talked to over half a million people about Astronomy, Space Science, Industrial Application of Astronomy, Astro Tourism, Astrobiology, Paleontology, Fossils and Archeoastronomy including Schools, Universities, Research Institutes the public and businesses purposes.

Basic Information

NameAravinda Ravibhanu Sumanarathna
International Publication40
Research linkResearch Gate
Institutes1. Founder Chairman, CEO of The South Asian Astrobiology & Earth Science Research Unit of Eco Astronomy.
2. International Ambassador Beijing Forestry University International College -China
3. Ambassador of The Mars Society – USA
4. Co – support of Project Space Hero – UK

Education Institute

    • · University of Madras School of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences:  Micro geology & Sedimentology (PHD candidate 2016 Nov – 2019) :    University of Madras distance learning education)
    • · Faculty of Natural Science, Open University of Sri Lanka (BSc Diploma in Biological Science 2011- 2013)
    • · Faculty of Environment & Natural Sciences, University of Southampton, United Kingdom (BSc in Physical Geology 2013:  2016:              distance learning Center)
    • · Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology: University of Kelaniya (Diploma in Paleo- biodiversity 2015-2016)
    • · Arthur C Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies, Space Science Application Division (GPS & Satellite Based Navigation),(Practical    Astronomy 2012 Certificate)
    • · European Space Agency, France (Monitoring Climate from Space, 2016 Certificate) Center of Maritime Archaeology, University of          Southampton:
    • · United Kingdom (Shipwrecks & Submerged World: Maritime Archaeology 2015 Certificate)

Working Institute

  • · Senior Research Scientist – South Asian Astrobiology & Earth Sciences Research Unit of Eco Astronomy Sri Lanka. (Since 2019)
  • · Director Academic: Department of Science & Engineering:  Institute of Professional Studies & Skill Development Sri Lanka (Since 2018)
  • · Former Senior Research Scientist: Ultra Low Frequency Division: Allied Techno Services (Pvt) Ltd (2017-2019)
  • · Former Visiting Academic in Astronomy – Department of Physics Open University of Sri Lanka (2014-2015)
  • ·  Active Life Member of United Nation Association Sri Lanka 
  • ·  International Ambassador at Beijing Forestry University International College – China (2022)

Publications Books and Draft

  • · Modeling Ice Stupa Via Architectural Of Pagoda
  • · Dynamics of Himachal Pradesh : Upgrading Prometheus of Paleo Himachal
  • · Archeoastronomy Sri Lanka
  • · Extremely Low Frequency and Basics of Biofouling Control : Version 2017
  • · Integrating Applications of Astronomy via Multidisciplinary Approach

Other Publications

  • 1. Sumanarathna, A.R.(2015). According To Dynamical Time Period, Calculate The Diurnal And Direct Motion Of Celestial Sphere’s Objects. International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research,Vol 3, Issue 05, PP66-69.
  • 2. Sumanarathna, A.R., et al., EXTINCTION OF QUATERNARY MAMMALIAN HABITATS OF MEGAFAUNA IN SABARAGAMU BASIN, SRI LANKA, Journal of Eco Astronomy (2017), Vol 01, Issue 01, PP 16- 31.
  • 3. Sumanarathna, A., Madurapperuma, B., Kuruppuarachchi, J., et al. (2016). Morphological Variation and Speciation of Acavidae Family: A Case Study from Fossil and Living Species of Batadombalena Cave Pre-historic Site in Sri Lanka. Annals of Valahi University of Targoviste, Geographical Series, 16(2), pp. 59-68. Retrieved 7 Nov. 2016, from doi:10.1515/avutgs-2016-0005.
  • 4. Sumanarathna, A.R., Katupotha, J., Abeywardana, K., Sudasinghe, A.(2016). Pre Historic Elephant Species in Sabaragamuwa Basin, Sri Lanka. International Conference on Asian Elephants in Culture & Nature 20th – 21st August 2016 . University of Kelaniya Sri Lanka.
  • 5. Katupotha, J., Sumanarathna, A.R., (2016). Behavioral Characteristics of Sri Lankan Elephants. International Conference on Asian Elephants in Culture & Nature 20th – 21st August 2016 . University of Kelaniya Sri Lanka .PP 159 -167.
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  • 7. Sumanarathna, A.R., et al., AN ASSESSEMENT OFGEOLOGICAL FORMATION OF THE RAKWANA-PANNILA MOUNTAIN OF SRI LANKA; Journal of Eco Astronomy (2017), Vol 01, Issue 01, PP 32-42.
  • 8. Sumanarathna, A.R., Abyewardanana, K., Sudasinghe, A. Wijethunga, W.D. (2014). The Pre-Historic Fauna of Sabaragamuwa Basin. 2nd International Research Symposium of University of Rajarata, Sri Lanka. PP 105-107.
  • 9. Sumanarathna, A.R. Pathmakumara, J., Abyewardanana, K., Sudasinghe, A., (2015). Paleontological Evidences of Pleistocene, Interpret The Coming of Intelligence & Harbor Life of Planet Earth. International Journal of Advance Research in Science,Engineering & Technology, Vol 2, Issue 11, pp 1063-1070.
  • 10. Sumanarathna, A.R., Pathmakumara, J., Abyewardanana, K., Sudasinghe, A., (2016). Eco Astronomy & Paleontology May Interpret the Harbored Life of the Planet Earth; A Study from Sri Lanka. THE ROYAL ASIATEC SOCIETY OF SRI LANKA, Annual Research Conference 2016. pp 6
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  • 13. Sumanarathna, A.R.,Bandara.D.D.K., J., Hornoiu, I.L., (2016).Balangoda Hominins & Evolution of Sabaragamuwa Dance, Sri Lanka. THE ROYAL ASIATEC SOCIETY OF SRI LANKA, Annual Research Conference 2016. pp 23.
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