Sri Lanka is one of the ranking countries in the field of basic research. Sri Lankan Science has come to be regarded as one of the most powerful instruments of growth and development, especially in the emerging scenario and competitive economy. In the wake of the recent developments and the new demands that are being placed on the Science and Engineering technology platforms, it is necessary for us to embark on some major science projects which have relevance to national needs and which will also be relevant for tomorrow’s technology. The Department of Research and Innovation of Eco Astronomy Sri Lanka, plays a pivotal role in promotion of science & technology in the country. Specifically, knowledge and research activities based on Astronomy, Astrobiology, Paleontology, Virtual Reality (VR | AR).

Software AR/VR Research Development

Our Department is here to provide your business with innovative VR/AR solutions to bring it to the whole new dimension. The recent development in AR and VR have not only facilitated the astonish experience in gaming and visual industry but also have been leveraged to many other industries.

Eco Astronomy is Software AR/VR research development hub has strong experience in providing stunning visuals through augmented and virtual reality apps and software. Hire AR/VR developers and enhance user engagement and brand value through the technology that can change your entire business model. Take full advantage of our services to make your business stand out from competitors.

Mineralogical Analysis TEST

Mineralogical analysis by XRD is used in conjunction with remotely sensed data in several research investigations. XRD is used to identify the minerals composing clay-rich, hydrothermally altered rocks, Soil analysis.

Automated Irrigation System

This unit uses temperature and soil moisture sensors to detect the water quantity present in agriculture. We use Arduino micro controller which is controller to process the information. The aim of the implementation was to demonstrate that the automatic irrigation can be used to reduce water use.

Multidisciplinary Inspection Assessments of Astronomy, Astrobiology, Paleontology, Geology, Computer Programming, Engineering Ecology.

Upgrading and developing, gemstones have been on the marketplace for over a century. Today, however, technological innovations and economic forces behoove gem buyers to gain a basic understanding of the science of gemstones and gem formation. (we are available with electrical and heat treatment)

Non-Chemical Water Treatment Consultation.

Non-chemical water treatment system which helps to control or eliminate bacteriological fouling, microbiological growths, contamination and hard water scale build-up & corrosion in dominantly cooling tower & boiler system. This is achieved by an electrostatic, magnetic, electromagnetic, catalytic or photocatalytic theory which design with an automatic self-adjusting current feature. Non-chemical devices (NCD) have been marketed with the warranty of saving money, reducing costs and protecting the environment, to be part of “Green Technology”. Economical & environmental sustainability awarded products like Scale off, COLLOID-A-TRON, Baccomber, ScaMag, WCTI, Wallenius AOT, WATEF, Scale blaster has providing the proper impact of effective NCD.

Academic Services

Courses – Certificate & Advance Certificate.

1. Primary Certificate course in Earth & Sky (Grade 3-5) | (2Months)
2. Junior Certificate course in Earth & Space Science (Grade 6-8) (3Months )
3. Senior Certificate Course in Earth & Space Science (Grade 9-11) (4Months)
4. Advance certificate course in Multidisciplinary Astronomy & Sustainable Applications (Grade 11 – undergraduates) ( 6Months)

Lecture Series (Visiting)

1.Astronomy & Astrobiology  _ තාරකා විද්‍යාව හා ජීව තාරකා විද්‍යාව
2.Astronomy & Multidisciplinary Approach _ තාරකා විද්‍යාව හා බහුවිධි යෙදුම්
3.Astronomy & Planetary Geology _ තාරකා විද්‍යා හා භූතාරකා විද්‍යාව
4.Astronomy & Paleontology _ තාරකා විද්‍යාව හා ප්‍රාග්ධාතු විද්‍යාව)
5.Astrophotography  _ තාරකා විද්‍යාව හා ජායාරූපකරණය
6.Archeoastronomy & Sri Lanka _ පුරාතාරකා විද්‍යාව හා ශ්‍රී ලංකාව

Workshop (Visiting) – (One Day- Certificate/ වරකට සිසුන් 50ක් පමණි )

1.Astronomy & Astrobiology _ තාරකා විද්‍යාව හා ජීව තාරකා විද්‍යාව
2.Astrobiology & Paleontology _ජීව තාරකා විද්‍යාව හා ප්‍රාග්ධාතු විද්‍යාව
3.Fossils and Reconstructions _ෆොසිල හා නැවත ගොඩ නැගීම්
4.Astronomy & Planetary Geology _තාරකා විද්‍යා හා භූතාරකා විද්‍යාව

Meet Our Team

Dr. Majda Aouititen
Astro Ecologist
Dr. Aravinda
Senior Web Engineer
Mr. Akash
Senior Astrophotographer
Mr. Bernie
Senior Archeoastronomer
Mr. Rohan
Education Officer