The Path to Multidisciplinary Astronomy and Space Science – Research Dialogues

The Path to Multidisciplinary Astronomy and Space Science-Research dialogues were organized by Eco Astronomy Inc and Eco Astronomy Sri Lanka. These dialogues are an initiative that aims to enhance the professional approach of developing a multidisciplinary type broad view for both Astronomy & Space Science. For this valuable lecture, our special key speaker is Dr. Aravinda Ravibhanu. He is the CEO of Eco Astronomy Inc global network and senior research scientist at high-altitude- extreme conditions – water conservation project of ICE STUPA. Currently, he is involved in analyzing NASA’s EDR images of Meridiani Planum on Mars as well he is known for his expertise in developing simulations scenarios and analogues of Planetary Geology (especially as an extra-terrestrial trace analyzer). Also, he works on reconstructing fossils via VR/AR. One of his companies- Research Hub of Eco Astronomy is a co-supporter of Project Space Hero, which is an upcoming reality television contest that plans to send a selected winner to the International Space Station in 2023. He is the Author of more than 40 International research papers including 10 Books.

        As an Astrobiologist, Dr. Aravinda is working on developing the knowledge of the researcher-fundamentals of extraterrestrial life and to explain how planetary samples correspond with factors of paleontology and petrology. He established a harbor life proposal that has been explained by a union of the general theory of Eco Astronomy mechanics & concepts.  Dr. Aravinda Ravibhanu is a Life fellow member of the United Nations Organization (SL).

Date: 10th of September 2022 | Time: 6.30p.m to 7.30p.m (IST)

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