Highly-upgraded Mars regolith simulant from Eco Astronomy Inc

Scientists of MARS Laboratory Eco Astronomy Inc have created an artificial Mars Regolith that is more similar to several locations on Mars. They have used the mineralogical data from NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover and developed such innovation which is support to Earth -MARS analogues activities. 

 The research is led by Dr. Aravind Ravibhanu, a scientist at Eco Astronomy International Research Center -Morocco.  As an Astrobiologist Dr Aravinda is researching _ fundamentals of extraterrestrial life and how planetary samples correspond with factors of paleontology and petrology. He has been setting out a harbor life explained by a union of the general theory of Eco Astronomy mechanics & concepts. Also, He is an ambassador of The Mars Society -USA and Beijing forestry university international college Beijing, China.

The Scientist from Sri Lanka, Morocco collaborated with the Project of extra-terrestrial mineral study. Dr.Eng Majda Aouititen [ Director Academic of Eco Astronomy International network and Head of International  mission  -EA Inc] says those mars regolith  samples will be provided to selected space mining  research units worldwide. Furthermore, Dr Aravinda said, I had an initial discussion with Prof Elangovan Rajagopalan, a former scientist from an Indian space research organization. He will arrange all facilities and infrastructure to develop and distribute this artificial regolith to the whole world. 

Eco Astronomy’s Martian stimulants are designed from the ground up to help teachers promote STEAM education in their classrooms, because a well-informed and enthusiastic public base of support is the most important element on the Journey to Mars. In the Near future radioactive based Martian stimulants available with  MARS Laboratory of  Eco Astronomy Sri Lanka. 


Read More About Mars Regolith :  https://ecoastronomy.edu.lk/get-mars-simulant-soil/