Astrobiology & Exo Geology Lecture Series at Kegalle Boys Collage


We have upgrading the event of Astrobiology & Exo Geology lecture series at Kegalle Boys Collage . Make a sustainable SLNCA (Sri Lankan National Council of Astrobiology ) ,program has been coordinated by Institute of Professional Studies & Skill Development Sri Lanka as by invited to senior research scientist Dr.Aravinda Ravibhanu from Eco Astronomy Research Unit #IPSSD #JPL #UNA @Eco Astronomy Sri Lanka.



Astrobiology & Exo Geology in Royal Collage Embilipitiya


Astrobiology & Exo Geology lecture serious has been finalized on 1st of November 2018 at royal collage Embilipitiya . We are looking for generating stranded pedagogy research scientists in astrobiology. Dr.Aravinda Ravibhanu has participated the event as guest lecture from Eco Astronomy Research Unit.



Batathota Vidyalaya is situated near Erathna, about 40 km far from Rathnapura Town. There is Educational engaged grade 1 from Grade 9. But all student count is less than 100 in there. The  work shop Organizing Division of EASL organized a special workshop in there because this is an desperate school. Further a as we study at there, the ability of this student in high level.


Bopeththa Collage


In 3 months training of apprentice they select warranted school and organize workshop to student and teachers about Eco Astronomy field. This occur under the complete supervision of EASL Experiment division.



EASL team


Apprentice recruiting to various section of under the Sri Lanka Eco Astronomy Unit they be focused on 3 months training.



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